Isaiah 2:10-22 The Day of the Lord

From this passage, we see a number of things that accompany the day of the Lord:

  • The Lord arises to shake the earth – v.19, 21 – Is 24:20 it shall reel to and fro like a drunkard
  • The glory of his majesty is seen and men hide themselves – v.10, 19, 21
  • The Lord is exalted – v.11, 17
  • The proud are abased – v.11-17
  • The idols are abolished – v.18, 20 – the worshippers will be throwing them at the bats and the moles

The day of the Lord is the principal theme of the Bible.  While the day of the Lord encompasses the entire millennial reign of Jesus [2 Pet 3:10-14], the passages that mention it deal primarily with the first part of the day, which is the Second Coming of Jesus.  When he returns, he comes with:

  • Fierce anger – Is 13:6-11
  • Armies – Rev 19:11-21
  • Destruction – Joel 2:1-11

Therefore, men hide themselves [Rev 6:12-17].  But he finds them and they die and their idols do them no good [Zeph 1:14-18; Ezek 7:19].  Flaming fire devours them [2 Thes 1:7-9, Mal 4:1-5].

Then Jesus is exalted [Phil 2:9-11] and becomes king over all the earth dwelling inJerusalem[Zech 14:1-11].