Genesis 6:5-8 Why the Flood

Genesis 6:5-8 Why the Flood CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The reason for the flood is that God formed man and the animals in the earth for a specific purpose.  They violated that purpose to such a degree that God wouldn’t put up with them anymore.  In this lesson, we will see why men were created, what went wrong after the Fall, how God reacted and who was destroyed.   Why God created man:

  1. For dominion over his creation, Gen. 1:26-28
  2. For His glory, Is. 43:7; 1 Cor.10:31
  3. For Himself, Col. 1:16; Rom.9:20-21
  4. For His pleasure, Rev. 4:11

What went wrong:

  1. The men were wicked, v.5; Job15:14-16
  2. God searched their hearts and found them evil continually, v.5; Mk.7:21-23
    1. They had forsaken Him, 1 Chr. 28:9
    2. They became what their thoughts and imaginations conceived, Prov. 23:7
    3. They thought they were right and God was wrong, Job 35:2
    4. They followed their deceitful and wicked hearts, Jer. 17:9-10

How God reacted:

  1. He repented (changed his mind), v.6; comp. Jer. 18:7-10
  2. He was grieved, v.6; Eph.4:30
  3. He destroyed them with a flood; Gen. 7

Who was destroyed:

  1. Man, Gal. 5:19-21
  2. Beast, Lev. 18:23
  3. Creeping things and fowls, Rom. 1:21-32

The Lord said that right before His return, the world would be like it was in the days of Noah (Luke17:26).  So, you have a pretty good idea what was going on around the time of the flood because you can see it going on today.  And of course, no one today seems to think that they are doing anything so bad that God should be inclined to destroy them.  They are deceived just like Noah’s generation was.   Noah was spared because he found grace in the eyes of the Lord.  You can find grace in God’s eyes, too.  Simply trust the Lord to save you by grace through faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ onCalvary(Eph. 2:8-9).