What Are You Thinking About Phil. 4:8

Philippians 4:8 What Are You Thinking About CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Oh that mind!  How rarely it is thinking about the stuff that God wants us thinking about.  We just have to develop the habit of thinking about the right things.  Of course, you can claim II Cor 10:1-3 for that stuff in the past, and you can eliminate the images that feed a wicked imagination.  But that is not the gist of the text.  This is about what to occupy your mind with, not what to leave out.  Paul says, THINK on these things. Of course, not many people think. NOT TIMEANDAMUSEMENTS.  If you want real PRAISE, you are going to have to get your mind on the one you are praising.  If you want real virtue (clean living and power – “virtue gone out of me.”  Then you are going to have to think on these things.

  1. True – Jn 17:17 [his words] Ps 119:160, not going to happen if you are always correcting the Bible – Jn 14:6
  2. Honest – free from fraud or deception, legitimate, truthful, virtuous, praiseworthy, upright – Do you realize how few things are HONEST today?  And those are the things that just plague your mind and disappoint you and eat at you.  You go around saying, “I can’t imagine why he did that!”  People are overwhelmed with conjecture and gossip and supposition.  People are not honest with themselves

These aren’t honest:

Mary and Saints answer prayers

Santa Clause

Dec 25 is Jesus’ birthday therefore go commercial

A good education will solve your problems

We evolve

We can have world peace

We can end terrorism

Safe sex is OK

These are honest:

Way to have safe sex is a virgin male with a virgin female forever.  Don’t even think about other ways.

The worst terror is still to come and God will be the author of it

World peace comes with Jesus and no one else. Don’t even think about vain philosophies for peace.

We were created.  Don’t even think that we might have evolved.

Without salvation is damnation.

Pray to God in Jesus’ name.

  1. Just – having a basis in fact, righteous before God (judged righteous), equitable (opposite iniquity) – that eliminates about all news, “alleged”  “opinion” – God is just – But men do everything to justify themselves, Lk 16:15 – there is not a just man on earth who doeth good and sinneth not – so quit cooking up schemes to justify yourself, I Cor 6:11 – God is the only judge and he is the only just being.  You are tearing up you mind to try to convince others how RIGHT you are
  2. Pure – Ps 12:6-7 – God’s word is pure and it will purify your mind
  3. Lovely – Jesus Christ for sure – Prov 17:22, a merry heart
  4. Good report – the human mind is not impressed at all with a good report, it only wants BAD news – so newspapers always print a crisis, tragedy, scandal, criticism, and your mind is flooded with it – Meditate on the good testimonies of what God is doing in other’s lives – Magnify God