Ensamples or Enemies Phil. 3:15-19

Ensamples or Enemies Philippians 3:15-19 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

You can follow an ensample (v. 17).  An ensample is more than an example because it is the thing and not just like the thing.  For instance, a sample size toothpaste is an ensample because it is exactly the same product as the regular size tube you buy.  On the other hand, any toothpaste can be an example of toothpaste even though it is not the exact product you might buy.  Those who walk as do the ensamples are the real McCoy’s and can be followed.

Ensamples are:

Perfect (v. 15) – Like Noah, Job who aren’t sinless but who fit the pattern; Matt 5:48, Jesus told his disciples to be perfect as their Father – Rom 12:2, when you are ensample then you can do the perfect will of God

Teachable (v. 15) – In fellowship with God and His word so that God can reveal wherever you are out of line and straighten you out – we are supposed to be minded like Paul in 4-14

Unmovable (v. 16) – See I Cor 15:57-58 – Not backslidden – a number of good men moved away – i.e. used to be KJV and now NIV, used to believe and preach in hell, used to preach and now just teach, counsel, or some other specialized ministry

Conclusion (v. 17a) – You can follow them; they are good leaders; they are like Jesus, “Follow me”

Enemies are: (you mark them, like Rom 16:17)

Belly worshippers (v. 19) – Rom 16:18

Vainglorious (v. 19) – their glory is their shame – they are conceited, Prov 26:12, Rom12:16 and proud, I Tim 6:4 and arrogant, Prov 8:13 and big headed, II Tim 3:4 and exalted, Lk 14:11, II Th 2:4 (like devil)

Worldly (v. 19) – Mind earthly things, compare Tit 2:12-13, I Jn 2:15-16, Jas 4:4

Conclusion: II Cor 1:14-15, their end is destruction, Matt 7:13, many walk this way, v. 18 – so mark them and avoid them