Helpers in the Ministry Part 2, Phil 2:23-30

Philippians 2:23-30 Helpers in the Ministry Part 2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Two of Paul’s greatest helpers in the ministry were Timothy and Epaphroditus.  Epaphroditus was such a good help to him because:

He was Paul’s partner – v.25 – he was a brother, a companion in labor and a fellow soldier – he was the kind of man that Paul could count on under any circumstances.

He had a good reputation among the saints – v.29 – Prov 22:1 – he didn’t politic to get a good name so that he could get rich off of the saints, he was such a servant that he was worthy of the reputation he had earned.

He worked himself nearly to death – v.30 – he was not concerned for himself but for his minister and for the people to whom he ministered.