Helpers in the Ministry, Phil 2:19-22

 Philippians 2:19-22 Helpers in the Ministry CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Two of Paul’s greatest helpers in the ministry were Timothy and Epaphroditus.  Timothy was such a good help to him because:

He was likeminded – v.20 – a good helper in the ministry has to have the same mindset as the man with whom he is working.

He cared for the Philippians – v.20 – one of the greatest attributes of a minister is his care and compassion.

He was Christ-centered not self-centered – v.21 – Paul was a most unselfish preacher and Timothy was like him in that he was concerned for the things of Jesus and not for his own things, so unlike modern preachers.

He served with Paul like a son – v.22 – Paul was like a father to Timothy which made their relationship extremely close – the best associates are as close as family to the men with whom they work.