Matthew 21:17-18 From the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection

Below is a table showing the timeline of events from the time Jesus showed up in Bethany until his resurrection. We will refer to this chart from time to time as we continue our study in Matthew. Keep in mind that as you look at each day, the Jewish day begins at 6 p.m. not at 12 a.m. like the Gentile day. This is important when you take into account the three days and three nights that Jesus lay in the tomb.

Therefore, there is no such thing as Good Friday or Palm Sunday. These are fictitious traditions. Notice that the Jews were exchanging money, selling doves and carrying vessels on the Sabbath!! For that reason, Jesus cleansed the Temple on the Sabbath, not on Sunday. Thus the Pharisees were guilty of breaking the Sabbath even after repeatedly accusing Jesus of breaking this law. They were hypocrites!