Matthew 19:27-30 What shall we have?

In this lesson we will study what the disciples were going to receive for eternal rewards as a result of forsaking all and following the Lord. Read the companion passage in Mk 10:28-31.

They would receive thrones v. 28

They will sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel – Lk 22:28-30; Eze 48. They get these thrones in the regeneration. Tit 3:5 mentions regeneration and there it is a reference to the new birth. However, regeneration also involves the restoration of creation (Rom 8:19-22; Is 11) and the redemption of our bodies (Rom 8:23). So the regeneration is a reference to the Second Coming of Jesus. Notice that Jesus will be sitting in the throne of his glory (Matt 25:31) which is David’s throne (Lk 1:31-33; Is 9:6-7) from which he will judge the nations.

This prophecy of thrones affects us, too. We have the opportunity to reign with Christ after he returns (Rev 5:10) and so do the tribulation martyrs (Rev 20:4).

They would receive a 100-fold return v. 29

What they gave up for the Lord’s sake (houses, brethren, sisters, etc), the Lord gave them 100 fold in return. For instance, this follows the pattern of Jesus. Jesus gave up his home in heaven (Matt 8:20) and yet he returned to God’s house where there are many mansions (Jn 14). His brethren and sisters didn’t believe him at first (Jn 7:5) and yet he gained millions of brethren (Heb 2:11-12). He left his father to come to earth and didn’t answer when his mother came calling (Mk 3:31-33) and yet he was given multitudes of mothers (Mk 3:34-35). He didn’t have a wife and was given one for coming to the earth (Eph 5). He couldn’t have children because he didn’t marry for the Lord’s sake and yet was given millions (Heb 2:13). He gave up heaven and became the heir of the entire world.

In our case when we give up our family and possessions to follow Jesus, we gain family and possessions all over the world in the numbers of saved folks we meet and with whom we minister and have fellowship. We get that NOW (Mk 10:30).

They would receive persecution Mk 10:30 w/ v.30

You can see that the apostles were the first to give up things for the Lord and yet they ended up in the last place of honor (1 Cor 4:9-13). The truth is that if you serve the Lord you are going to suffer (2 Tim 2:12). And if you suffer with him you will reign with him.

They would receive eternal life v. 29

Their eternal life was assured by following Jesus after they forsook all (Jn 17:12). Only Judas Iscariot sold out. Our salvation is secure in the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary, so there is a difference.

They would receive more disciples (Gentile converts) v. 30

Cross reference this verse with Lk 13:28-30. The Jews had the gospel first but rejected Jesus Christ (Rom 11). During the tribulation (last), the Jews will finally accept him as their Messiah. The Gentiles were the last ones to get in on the gospel (Matt 15:24; Rom 1:16) and yet they got in first early on in the church age because they received Jesus Christ (Acts 13:46-47; Acts 18:6; Acts 28:26-28).