My Prayer For You All Phil. 1:9-11

Philippians 1: 9-11 My Prayer for You All CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul prayed that God would do for the Philippians certain very specific things in their lives.  My prayer for you is the same:

That your love would abound

  1. In knowledge connected with truth (Bible) and your relationship with the Lord – Jn 14:23, I Jn 2:5, I Jn 4:18-19, II Tim 1:7, fear the Lord – contrast Matt 24:12; II Tim 3:2,4
  2. In judgment – people are afraid to judge today, but we must – Lk 11:42-43, don’t become Pharisees and Jas 2:4-5, don’t become a respecter of persons

That you would approve things that are excellent

  1. Today people approve of just about anything – wrong Music and wrong Bibles
  2. Excellent things – Almighty God, Job 37:23; His name, Ps 8:1; Excellent Speech, Prov 17:7; an Excellent Spirit, Prov 17:27; an Excellent Way, I Cor 12:31
  3. Understanding
  4. Charity
  5. Dan 5:12 – Daniel had an excellent spirit

That you would be sincere until the Lord comes

  1. Real, true, not hypocritical, honest – unlike the Pharisees in Matt 23
  2. Lk 8:15, honest heart
  3. Acts 6:3, honest report
  4. Rom 12:17, honest in the sight of men
  5. You need to be the same inside the house as outside the house

That you would be without offence until Jesus comes

  1. Matt 18:7, not the cause of offence
  2. Ps 119:165, and not offended

That you would be filled with the fruits of righteousness

  1. II Cor 9:10-11, sow seed
  2. Eph 5:9, fruit of the Spirit
  3. Heb 12:11, chastening
  4. Jas 3:17-18, right wisdom

Conclusion: Bring Glory to God