How To Handle Bad News

How To Handle Bad News Job 1: 12-22 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

In Job 1:13-22, Job received the worst news anyone has ever received.  Here’s how to handle that kind of bad news:

Bless the Name of the Lord – Job 1:21 he is worthy to be praised – God is good – whatever you do, don’t sin with your mouth or charge God foolishly [Job 1:22,2:10].

Encourage Yourself in the Lord – 1 Sam 30:6 – bad news can be very discouraging – you will be able to stave off discouragement, which is one of the devil’s greatest weapons against us – if he can discourage you he can get you to become bitter about your trouble, and once you are bitter, he can ruin you and others around you [Heb 12:15] – but once you are encouraged, you will be able to encourage others – David’s men fought with him to recover everything and everyone lost at Ziklag – God has the comfort, peace, grace, strength, joy, and wisdom to get you through the trials of life.

Look for the Spiritual Connection – there’s always the practical side to trouble that explains why it happened [1 Pet 5:9] but oftentimes, there is spiritual significance in it, as well [1 Pet 5:10] – Job is a good example [Job 33:8-12, 27; 34:10-12; 35:2; Job 42:2-6] – Job was self righteous and through his terrible circumstances, God was able to do two wonderful things – he was able to show Job his need of repentance and thereby save him and he was able to show the devil that some men in bad circumstances will not turn to the devil but will turn to God – now in your case, there may be some spiritual improvement that derives from your bad circumstances [i.e., the prodigal son came to himself when he hit bottom] – so, find the connection and make the improvement.

Adjust Your Expectations – 2 Ki 5:10-12 – things are not going to turn out like you thought and no amount of begging and pleading is going to change that – so you have to adjust your expectations to how things are going now – this will keep you from being frustrated by the news.

Remember, It is Well – 2 Ki 4:26 – after this child’s death came his life – after the crucifixion came the resurrection – after the tribulation comes the Second Advent and millennial reign of Jesus – after the suffering comes the glory – Rom 8:28 is true!