Apostasy Ps 106:12-25 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

How did Israel go from believing God’s words in verse 12 to not believing his words in verse 24?  They did it by apostasy.  We see it all around us today.  In this lesson, we identify the intervening steps between believing God’s words and ultimately disbelieving them.  You sink into apostasy when:

You forget his works – v.13 – Israel forgot all the wonderful and terrible things God did to get them out of Egypt and into Canaan – the USA has likewise forgotten all that God wrought in our early years as a nation – don’t forget all that God did for you when he brought you out of bondage and into his glorious liberty

You quit seeking his counsel – v.13 – in Israel, everyman did that which was right in his own eyes – in the USA God is not even allowed into the legislative and judicial proceedings or the educational system – don’t think you are smart enough to know what’s best for you without consulting with God first

You begin fulfilling your lusts – v.14-15 – Israel no longer appreciated their manna and provisions; they wanted Egyptian food and quail – and so they craved their lusts and damaged their souls – in the USA fulfilling the lusts even in church is more important than feeding the soul – don’t forget Demas, 2 Tim 4:10, and don’t forget Jas 4:3

You envy your proper authority – v.16-18 – God gave them Joseph and they envied him, then Moses and they envied him, then Jesus and they envied him – in the USA we started out with the Bible and God-called pastors, yet today we have overthrown these authorities – and in your own life, you have shelved your Bible and rejected your pastor

You turn to idolatry – v.19-20 – Israel went after the golden calf, Baal and Ashtoreth – in the USA we have gone after movie, music, athletic, business, and political idols and our consumer economy is idolatrous, Col 3:5 – when you love anything more than you love God, you’re an idolater

You forget God – v. 21 – Israel forgot their maker – the USA has forgotten God in favor of monkey science, prosperity and entertainment; our next generation won’t know him in any other capacity than a cuss word, Ps 9:17 – and you can easily forget him by neglecting your own salvation

You no longer believe his words – v.24 – and so when Jeremiah and Ezekiel preached to Israel, they didn’t believe a word they prophesied – the USA doesn’t believe his words today; even the pastors don’t believe that the Bibles they use are God’s infallible words – and when you get here, you are finished!!