Perfecting the Saints Eph.4:12-16

 Ephesians 4:12-16 Perfecting the Saints CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists are Gifts for the Body which:

Perfect the Saints (v. 12)

  • Not perfect as in sinless
  • Rather perfect as in Job 1:1
  • Gen 6:9
  • Like a perfect fit

Do the Work of the Ministry (v. 12)

  • Preachers, Acts 6:4
  • Supposed to minister the Word
  • Matt 20:20-28, the work is done by “servants”

Edify the Saints

  • Eph 2:19-22, build it up
  • I Cor 3:10, wise master builder

Keep the Unity of the Faith (v. 13)

  • Phil 2:2, likeminded
  • Can’t keep the unity of the faith with an evolutionist
  • Levi stood against his brothers and those who sinned

Help you Know more about Jesus

  • Phil 3:10

Grow the Body into the Stature of Christ

  • He is the measure, Rom 8:29

Grow up the Body out of Childhood

  • II Tim 3:16, with Scripture
  • II Tim 4:3, with sound doctrine
  • Tit 1:9, by keeping away from deceivers
  • Rom 16:17-18, by withdrawing from dividers
  • Titus 1:11-14, by rebuking false doctrine
  • Tit3:10, by rejecting heretics

Speak the Truth

  • Jn 17:17, it’s the Bible
  • And when it is believed, it causes you to Grow up, I Thes 2:13

Function as a Healthy Body

  • Do something for others
  • I Cor 12, every joint supplieth