Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers Eph. 4:11b

Ephesians 4: 11b Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Apostles – ended with the early church (Acts of the Apostles).  Prophets – you’ve got more prophecy in the Bible than anyone knows and the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and with the sure word of prophecy you don’t need prophets today.  You need FAITH.


  • Acts 21:8, Philip, he was one of the helpers from Acts 6:2-5
  • Stephen was stoned but we can see the following characteristics of evangelists from Philip: Acts 8:5, they are Preachers – Philip preached Christ in Samaria; Acts8:26- 38, they are to be Spirit led; Acts 8:39-40, they are Soul winners, he was sent to Caesarea and had a house there, Acts 21:8
  • II Tim 4:5 says do the work of an evangelist: Timothy was a pastor, so do the above


  • Mentioned by this name only here in NT,  otherwise only in Jeremiah
  • Jer 3:15, given by the Lord to feed you with knowledge and understanding
  • The rest of the references in the OT are negative
  • In the NT, some of the references are to Elders (not all the references, though, because some are references to older men and some are references to Jewish elders) and some are to Bishops
  • Elders, Acts 14:23: Ordained, Titus 1:5; No elder boards in church only in the synagogue, chief priest and elders [These kinds of elders crucified Christ and won’t treat you much better]
  • Ephesus, Acts 20:17 they feed and oversee
  • Acts 20:28; I Pet 5:1-5, they feed
  • Bishops – Phil 1:1 with deacons [which are the only two offices in the church]
  • Pastoral qualifications, I Tim 3:1-7 with  Tit 1:7-9
  • Rom 10:8-15, preach gospel, witness so souls get saved
  • I Cor 1:17-18, 21, preach the cross
  • I Cor 2:4-5, but never preach with enticing words


  • Preachers must be able to teach, I Tim 3:2, II Tim 2:2
  • Comp Acts 5:42, “teach and preach Jesus”
  • Teachers were in the church at Antioch, Acts 13:1
  • Paul and Barnabas, Acts 15:35, teach and preach
  • Rom 12:7, teaching is a gift
  • Restriction on women: I Tim 2:12, Tit  2:3-4
  • The Holy Spirit is the real teacher Jn  14:26