Genesis 1:1-2 Date of Creation

Scientists, to support their wild theories of evolution, try to date the earth as far back as they possibly can. Some modern scientists and geologists date the earth at 2.5 billion years old; others say it’s only several million years old. Here are some examples of problems with the modern theories, which prove that they don’t know the truth:

  1. Major disagreement among the scientists; they’re just guessing.
  2. Comets’ rate of disintegration – maximum age 40,000,000 years.
  3. Continental erosion – maximum age 14,000,000 years.
  4. Half-lives of radioactive material – maximum age 10,000 years.
  5. Sun’s rate of loss of mass – the sun is losing 864 trillion tons of mass per year. Therefore, it would have to be 2.5 trillion years old; with an original mass of 25,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons more than it has now for the theories of evolution to work out. Impossible!
  6. Erosion of Niagara Falls – at 3 feet per year, the ice age would have been 12,000 years ago; at 1 foot per year, it would have been 35,000 years ago; but the rate of erosion is actually 5 feet per year!
  7. Chemical compounds – none at 6000 & Mac 176 F, the earth’s temperature when supposedly “slung” from the sun. Therefore, no oxygen and no life.

Nobody can date the original creation of the world, because the time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 cannot be determined. However, by studying the decay of the earth’s magnetic field (a scientifically observable fact), the oldest possible date for the original creation is 8000 BC (10,000 years old). ). The depth of moon dust corroborates this fact.

The date for the creation of Adam is generally accepted to be about 4000 BC. This only gives about 6000 years of recorded history. The biblical evidence for an earth that is 4000 years older than recorded history is found in 2 Peter 3:5-6, where we see that God destroyed his original creation in Gen. 1:1 with a flood. This was not Noah’s flood; this one was before Adam.

2 Peter 3:5, “… by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water (Gen. 1:1) and in the water (Gen. 1:2): 2 Peter 3:6, “Whereby the world that then was (Gen. 1:1), being overflowed with water (Gen. 1:2), perished (“the earth was without form, and void”).

The earth you find in Gen. 1:2 is not the original creation because God never created anything “without form and void” and His instructions to Adam were to “replenish the earth,” Gen. 1:28. Clearly, something had been here before Gen. 1:2; but not for millions or billions of years, like the evolutionists would have you believe.