The Death of the Concubine Judges 19:5-30

The Death of the Concubine  Judges 19:5-30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The history recorded in Judges 19:5-30, concerning the death of the concubine, is bizarre to say the least but it is very truthful.  The Levite, who went to Bethlehemjudah to fetch his concubine, never made it home with her because she was killed by sex perverts in Gibeah.  We need to examine the elements of the death of the concubine to find out why and how she died.

The contributing factors to the death of the concubine are:

Procrastination – v.5-10 – Her husband and father partied for too many days and her husband decided to leave too late in the day.  There are many vain and slothful habits in which men engage that can have significant lasting effects on their finances, families, and lives.

Discrimination – v.10-12 – Her husband was concerned that the strangers of Jebus (Jerusalem) would endanger their lives, at the worst, or that they would refuse to give them lodging, at the best.  Truthfully, there are times when citizens in a foreign culture might actually treat you better than citizens in your own culture.  Certainly, in this case, it was wrong to assume that the Israelites in Gibeah were going to treat this man and his wife and servant better than the men of Jebus would.

Custom – v.13-21 – There was a custom, which still exists in some cultures today, that a host is obligated to give more protection to his guests than to his own family Gen 19:4-8.  You read in Lone Survivor, that Marcus Lutrell was given this level of protection in the little mountain village.  In this story, the host offers his own virgin daughter and this man’s concubine to these filthy perverts in order to protect his guest.  The custom saved the man and his servant, but cost her life.

Perversion – v.22-28 – These sons of Belial [devil] were filled with insatiable sexual desire, first for the man and then for his concubine.  Exploiting her did nothing to satisfy them.  Instead, they were stimulated for more perverted pleasures.   They abused her until they killed her.  The Bible calls it abuse and so does society today.  They call it sexual “abuse.”

Tolerance – Jud 20:13 – The men of Gibeah allowed this kind of thing to go on and even gathered themselves together to fight the rest of the tribes of Israel to protect these perverts.  Society wants you to tolerate perversion today.  They will call you phobic if you don’t.  In fact, your lack of tolerance is not a phobia; it is clear thinking and moral restraint.

Conclusion: sexual perversion is not to be tolerated; it is to be reproved.  Sexual perversion leads to a societal moral decay that can be deadly.