The Head of the Church Eph. 1:20-23

Ephesians 1:20-23 Head of the Church CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Christ is the head of the church.  Not the pope, not the president of the convention, not the Chairman of the board, not the trustees, deacons, government, pastor, or congregation.  Christ is the HEAD.  Three things in this text show that no one else could possibly be the head.

His power (v. 20)

  • He rose from the dead
  • hands down, he is greater than anyone else

His position

  • Right hand of God (v. 20), Ps 110:1, Gen 48:17-18, I Pet 3:22

His preeminence (v. 21)

  • Far above all, Phil 2:9-11,Col 2:10
  • All things under his feet, I Cor 15:27

So, Christ is the head and, therefore, has a body (v. 23) over which he is head – notice his:


  • I Cor 12
  • Eph 5:30-32
  • He has left the pastors over his local assemblies, Acts 20:28, I Pet 5:1-3, Heb 13:7,17
  • Members of his body are subject to Him and so are all other powers, the Devil; I Pet 5:6-8, Governments, Rom 13:1; Gods, I Cor 8


  • Rom 13:1-4
  • No power but of God
  • Power over:
    • Ps 2:9-11, kings
    • Rev 10:10, devil
    • Rev 20:15, you

When any of these life themselves up to go over him they crash.