Repetition is A Good Teacher, Is 28:9-10

This lesson is going to show you that repetition is a god teacher. The Lord wants to teach you knowledge and he wants you to understand doctrine.  Notice whom he teaches in Is 28:9.  He teaches babes just weaned.  That’s what we are when we first get saved. 1 Pet 2:2, “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby”.  But we’re not ready to be weaned if we haven’t gone to the word for milk.  It starts there.

Then after we are weaned the Lord begins to teach us.  How?  He teaches us:

Precept upon precept.  A precept is a command or principle intended as a general rule of action.  You begin to learn the commands and the principles of the Bible.  They teach you how to live this new eternal life you have been given in Christ.  You know nothing of how to live this life before you are saved.  And he teaches you precept upon precept.  That is, he teaches you one precept.  And when you get it, he teaches you another precept that builds upon the first one.  

Line Upon Line. A line is a line of words in your Bible making up part of a verse.  This shows you the carefulness with which we read and study our Bibles.  Pay attention to each line.  Let the Lord show you, teach you, and speak to you.  But notice that his teaching method is line upon line.  These lines are not lifted out of context.  They are line upon line; building one upon another.  They all fit together.  If they don’t fit, then you haven’t gotten the point yet.  

Here a little, and there a little.  This shows you that your understanding of the Bible comes just a little at a time.  You can’t rush the process.  You get a little here and you get a little there.  It’s like working a jigsaw puzzle.  You get a little here and then you get a little over there as you pick up another piece that fits.  Little by little, one piece at a time, you get the picture.

Conclusion: This shows you that repetition is a good teacher.  So, stay with the Bible faithfully.