Daily, Ps 68:19

According to Ps 68:19, the Lord daily loadeth us with benefits.  In return, what should we do daily?

Die to self – 1 Cor 15:31.  Paul wrote, “I die daily”.  The victory over sin each day is gained by the crucified life.  When we are crucified with Christ, he lives his life in us, Gal 2:20.

Add to the church – Acts 2:47.  The Lord adds to the church.  But when we daily teach and preach Jesus, Acts 5:42, then God can add to the church daily.  There are so many things you can do daily that will help God ass to the church.  You can give out tracts, you can give someone a New Testament.  You can witness as you are led by the Holy Spirit.  You can send links to messages that a people can listen to.

Importune God – Lk 11:1-10.  To importune God is to appeal to him, implore him, pray to him, and supplicate.  Consider this passage with Lk 18:1-8.  The Lord should hear from us everyday.

Lift up Jesus – Ps 72:14-15.  You can lift him up in praise in your heart, in your home, at your work, and out in public.  Don’t ever be ashamed to praise him openly.

Yearn for the scriptures – Acts 17:10-12.  To yearn for is to have an earnest wish to own or enjoy.  Synonyms: Hunger for, long for, pant after, thirst for, yearn for, delight in.  Really put the time into your study of the words of God.  Memorize them and live by them daily.