Life Without Fire – Joe Cammilleri

In 1 Ki 18:23-25 Elijah said, “put no fire under”. You can’t have life without fire. You’d have no heat, no cooking, no light, etc. Likewise, you have no life in your walk with God if you have no fire.

We need some fire in our private time. You can’t have a strong Christian life without fire. You’ll be “dead” like the rest of the world.

We need some fire in the pulpit. Our preachers need to be fired up for God. Our prayer should be, “Lord make me a ten-alarm blaze”.

We need some fire in our propagation. People aren’t much inclined to respond to a “dead” gospel. You ought to be excited when telling others about Jesus Christ.

We need some fire in our praise. People aren’t going to sing in a “dead” song service. Our God is a consuming fire. Glorify him in your praise.