What Is In Your Hand? Joe Cammilleri

In Ex 4:2, God asked Moses, “What is that in thine hand”? And he said, “A rod”. What is in your hand that God can use? The rod was just an ordinary stick that Moses used as a shepherd. Yet, God used it for great and mighty works. God can use the ordinary things you have if you will let him use them. What do you have that is available to God?

In 1 Sam 17:40, David picked up five smooth stones and used one of them to knock Goliath to the ground. Then he picked up Goliath’s sword and used it to cut off Goliath’s head. What is not in your hand that you can pick up to serve God? What is attainable that you can use to serve God?

In Ps 24:4, the person that serves God must have clean hands. What do you have in your hand that is “abhorable” to God that you need to get out of your hand for God to use you?

Give God what is available so God can use you.

Attain what is attainable so God can use you.

Get rid of what is abhorable so God can use you.