Get Alone With God, Is 5:8

In Is 5:8, we read, “Woe to them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth”.  You need to get alone with God.  In Henry and the Great Society, by Herbert L. Rousch, Henry’s family disintegrated when a highway was constructed through his farm.  They became so busy that they lost their time alone with each other and the Lord.  

We talk to people about the Lord and they say they are too busy for church and conversations about God.  Randy used to say, “The devil doesn’t have to make you bad; he just has to make you busy”.

The trouble with joining house to house is that is that there is no place to be alone.  You need to be alone to have time to truly fellowship with God.  You need to be alone to reflect on your life and to meditate on God’s words.  You need to get alone with God and sort yourself out.

From Is 5:12, people should regard the work of the Lord and consider the operation of God, Ps 19, Rom 1.  When Mitsuo Fuchida, the lead pilot in the bombing of Pearl Harbor, moved to his farm, he finally had time to consider the operation of God’s hands.  Thus, he sought the Lord and eventually believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.   

Have you stopped to consider what God’s doing in your life and what he’s doing to get your attention.  Get alone with God and you’ll see.

We need to be alone to wrestle with God, Gen 32:24.  Jacob was alone when he wrestled with the angel.  He had to face his sin of deception.  He had to be assured that God would protect him when he met Esau.  After he was alone with God, he came away with a new name.  He went from a name that meant “supplanter” to a name that means “the prince of God”.

We need to be alone to hear the words of God, Ex 24:2-3.  Moses was alone when he came near to God.  And God spoke to him and gave him the words to give to Israel.  They are recorded for us in the Bible.  In Is 50:4, Jesus needed regular time alone to hear from his Father and to know what to say.  

We need to be alone to revive, Matt 14:23.  Jesus was alone when he met with his Father in the mountain.  After he fed the 5,000, he sent them away and he sent his disciples into a ship.  Though they were toiling in rowing, he was not distracted by their need for his help.  He had to recharge.  Anyway, when you’re alone with God, you’re not really alone.  You are with the Father, Jn 16:32.  

But remember not to stay alone, Rom 11:3-4.  It’s not good to feel all alone in your relationship with God, when you’re not.  Elijah said “I only”.  However, there was Obadiah.  And Obadiah had hid 100 prophets by fifties in a cave.  Also, there was Micaiah in 2 Chr 18.  And there was Elisha who succeeded Elijah.  Furthermore, there was Jehu in 2 Chr 19:2.  In 1 Ki 20:13-14, there was a fellow prophet, as well.  And there were 7,000 more who had not bowed the knee to Baal.  After you get alone with God, make sure to unite with God’s people like we are meeting today.  You’ll be and encouragement to them and they will be an encouragement to you.

Conclusion: If you are so busy that you haven’t gotten alone with God, then get alone with God now.  It may be that you need to wrestle with God over a matter.  Or you may need to hear from him in his words again.  Or you may just need to recharge.  If you have been alone and have been avoiding your brethren, it’s time for you to get back in church.