Handfuls of Purpose

Handfuls of Purpose

Ruth 2:16

The book of Ruth is full of wonderful typology that makes excellent preaching even for us today. In this sermon we will look at handfuls of purpose left by the Boaz’s men for Ruth and try to glean somethings regarding the handfuls of purpose that God leaves for us in the field of his service.

Purpose – Purpose, design (purpose always includes the end view)

Things regarding Handfuls of Purpose:

1)  Found in the field of sacrifice (Ruth 1:10-18)

  • Note that Boaz was well aware of the sacrifices made by Ruth regarding her mother-in-law (Ruth 2:11).
  • It was also her work that got his attention.

2)  Placed specifically for your work (Ruth 2:8)

  • The handfuls of purpose were specifically for Ruth.
  • Even though they were for Ruth, she still had to pick them up.
  • We must be aware of being in the right field and willing to pick them up.

3)  Others may be depending on them as well (Ruth 2:11; Ruth 4:15)

  • Ruth was not just gleaning for herself but for Naomi.
  • Have you ever considered upon who might be depending upon your handfuls of purpose.

4)  Have a future design you cannot imagine (Ruth 4:17-22)

  • Ruth and Boaz become the great grandparents of David the King.
  • You never know what may become of just a handful of purpose.

Let us be faithful to glean in the field where God has placed us and not overlook the handfuls of purpose looking for the wagon load of fruit.