Bountiful Sowing, 2 Cor 9:6

In 2 Cor 9:6, Paul encouraged the Corinthians to give bountifully to the poor saints in Jerusalem.  He used the law of the land to demonstrate that bountiful sowing results in bountiful reaping and bountiful giving results in bountiful reaping, as well.  

Whether people sow sparingly or bountifully both “shall reap” according to 2 Cor 9:6. Those who sow sparingly shall reap sparingly.  And those who sow bountifully shall reap bountifully.  The key in either case is to sow.  And if you have the desire to reap bountifully, then you must sow bountifully.  Bountiful sowing yields bountiful reaping.

Truthfully, if you sow bountifully, the reaping will be bountiful.  However, you may not be the one doing the reaping.  According to Jn 4:35-38, when we work in the Lord’s harvest, it is very typical for one to sow and for another to reap.  Nevertheless, the sowers and the reapers are one [1 Cor 3:6-9].  Thus, for reapers to be able to reap, sowers must sow.  In some cases, you’ll have the opportunity to both sow the word of God and reap the harvest when dealing with certain people.  But’s that’s less common.

The wicked servant in Lk 19:12-21, who kept the Lord’s pound laid up in a napkin, refused to reap where he had not sown and refused to sow if he wasn’t going to reap. Hence, he did nothing!  Unfortunately, there are many Christians doing nothing in the harvest to sow or to reap.  As Jesus said, the laborers are few.

The last thing in the world that we want to do is stand before the Lord at the judgment seat of Christ and be accounted a wicked servant because we didn’t sow.  Therefore, let’s sow!!  Let the Lord give the increase.

And since bountiful reaping follows bountiful sowing, then let’s wisely sow as much as the Lord intends for us to sow.  We have thousands upon thousands of tracts and New Testaments in the barn.  We need to get them out into the field.

And keep in mind, when you are sowing bountifully, you will be working long hours over a long period of time.  Then one day, the harvester will come, and in a moment he will reap.  There will be nothing to harvest if you haven’t been sowing. Don’t slack to do bountiful sowing just because you’re not doing or seeing the reaping.  God’s word doesn’t return void.  He will make sure there’s a bountiful harvest that follows your bountiful sowing.