Everyone Was Responsible, 1 Chr 22:19

In 1 Chr 22-27, when David prepared for the construction of the house of God, he organized everything and everyone in his kingdom for Solomon to begin to build and rule.  Everyone was responsible. Notice all these occupations:

1 Chr 23:3-5, the Levites set forward the work of the house of the Lord, some were judges, some were officers, some were porters, and some were musicians.

1 Chr 25:1-7, Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun and their sons were responsible for song with instruments.  They prophesied in the words of the Lord with harps, psalteries, cymbals, and horns.

1 Chr 26:1 lists the porters.  In v.6-8 they were mighty men of valor, strong men, and able men. They were responsible for guarding the gates.

1 Chr 26:20, the Levites were over the treasures of the house of the Lord and over the dedicated things.

1 Chr 26:29 Chenaniah and his sons, for instance, were for the outward business over Israel.

1 Chr 27 lists the chief fathers and captains of thousands and hundreds, and their officers that served the king in any matter of the courses.  There were 288,000 of these. They were responsible for anything the king needed in his realm.

In 1 Chr 27:25-31 we see the men who were over the king’s treasures, the storehouses, the fields, the vineyards, the wine cellars, the olive trees, the cellars of oil, the herds, the camels, the asses, and the flocks.

There are several things we can glean from these passages about the work of the ministry.  I have the distinct impression that the Lord is going to build this house and grow this body of believers.  He is going to get that work done through all of us.

Solomon had to delegate.  Wise as he was, Solomon couldn’t do it all.  He put people in charge who were over many things.  And then they had people that worked with them.  In the ministry, the pastor must delegate.  He has to let go of some things.  The people who take on the tasks of the ministry are set there by God for the work as it pleases him, 1 Cor 12:18.  But they have to be trained, and that can take more time.

Those who worked were suited for their work.  For instance, the porters were mighty men, they were men of valor, they were strong, and they were able.  The Levites were selected by God to minister to the house.  The musicians could play and prophesy in song.  There are psalms in the book of Psalms that were written by these men.  Asaph, for example, wrote Psalms 73 through 83.  The men in agriculture knew their business.  There are certain jobs in this ministry for which you are perfectly suited.  Among our young ones, there are those who could learn to sing and play instruments.

Some of the jobs were spiritual, some practical.  Priests and Levites in 1 Chr 23 more involved in spiritual matters.  Those in the outward business were more practical.  Men out witnessing on Saturdays are doing spiritual work.  Widows praying are doing a valuable spiritual work.  People handing out tracts are involved in vital spiritual work.  Men repairing the buildings are doing practical work.  Those ministering to the needs of the saints, like mowing, helping others with their homes, and helping others with their work are doing practical work.  But the Lord blesses them all.

There were many available to do the work.  Some of these men were employed by courses.  They didn’t all work all the time.  The same is true in our ministry.  For instance, those who served during the preachers conference were able to take a break when it was done.  We could add object lessons, teaching aids, skits and puppets, like Bro Geer taught us, to our Sunday school and Bible clubs.  We’re not just trying to keep you busy.  We’re trying to help the kids learn and retain the lessons and messages.  We could do VBS and/or a teen activity this summer.  We need those who have been discipled to be discipling new converts as the church grows.  And so forth.

And the names of the men are recorded.  No matter what job he was assigned, whether he was prophesying on an instrument, or he was over the asses, his name is recorded for all eternity in the eternal words of God.  In other words, each position of authority was significant enough that God thought to record the name of the person who did it in his Holy Bible.  That should encourage us to realize that all the things we do for the Lord in the ministry are important to the Lord.  Thank God we are given the privilege to serve him.