Abundant in Goodness, Ex 34:6

When the Lord passed by Moses he proclaimed that he was the Lord… abundant in goodness.  When Jesus replied to the rich, young ruler’s greeting, he said, “None is good, save one, that is, God”, Lk 18:18.  Our God is the only one who is good.  And not only is he good, he is abundant in goodness.

God is good to Israel – 2 Chr 7:10. When Solomon dedicated the temple, he recounted how good the Lord had been to David, and to him, and to Israel.

God is good to us – Ps 31:19.  The Lord is so good to his people who fear him and trust in him.

Even when Israel rebelled against God again and again, God was great in his goodness toward them, Neh 9:25-31.  Unfortunately, we are often like Israel in our rebellion, and yet God is still so good to us.  

What should we do in response to God’s abundant goodness to us?

We should repent – Rom 2:4.  When we find ourselves in sin and out of sorts with God, his goodness leads us to repentance.  Rather than wallow in despair and disgust with ourselves, we should repent to the Lord considering how good he is.

We should return to him – Hos 3:5.  Don’t stay stuck where you are in sin.  After you repent, turn back to God.  He is and wants to be good to you.

We should praise him – Ps 107:8, 15, 21, 31.  Once you return to God you should continually praise him for being so good to you.  And perhaps you don’t need to repent of anything right now. Then simply rejoice in God’s goodness to you and praise him for how good he has been and continues to be. Four times in this one Psalm, the psalmist encouraged us to praise God for his goodness and wonderful works to the children of men.

The reason we know that Rom 8:28 is true is that our God, who promised this verse, is so good. For more on this topic see Praise the Lord for His Goodness.