Making mention of you in my prayers (Part 2)

Making mention of you in my prayers (Part two)


As we studied in the previous lesson, Paul begins a prayer for the saints at Ephesus. Because of their faith in the Lord Jesus and their love unto all the saints, Paul says that he “ceases not to mention them in my prayers”. Do you know of anyone that prays for you all the time? Do you pray for anyone all the time? The Ephesians had the apostle Paul praying for them! In this lesson we are going to look at the three things that he prayed for them, wisdom, revelation, and understanding. We will now look at revelation and understanding.


Paul prayed that they would have the spirit of revelation. Simply put, this means that they would be able to understand God’s word. Paul had many revelations. [Gal.1:1,11-12] Paul was made an apostle and given the gospel that he preached by revelation of Jesus Christ. The Lord revealed these truths to him and did not learn them from man. When you read your Bible do you ever have a truth revealed to you? The Bible is the living word of God [Heb.4:12], and it reads you! God reveals truth to you if you have a spirit of revelation.

[1Cor.2:9-16] The Holy Spirit also will reveal the spiritual truths of God’s word. God reveals them to us by his Spirit. When you read your Bible, the Holy Spirit is the one that guides you unto all truth [Jn.16:13]. Paul is praying that the Ephesians would have a spirit of revelation that would enable them to understand God’s words. Every time you open that book and read you should pray for God to reveal a truth that you need [Ps.119:18].

[1Cor.8:1] Knowledge puffeth up. Never go to your Bible seeking a revelation so that you can know more than someone else. Paul knew that he had opportunity to get very puffed up because of the revelations given to him, and that the Lord had given him a thorn in the flesh to buffet him. He learned a great lesson in the Grace of God [2Cor.12:1-10].


Understanding is the ability to take God’s wisdom and the revelation of God’s words and use them to live your Christian life. Pray without ceasing that your understanding would be increased.      A man of Understanding:

[Prov.1:5] shall attain unto wise counsels

[Prov.10:23] hath wisdom

[Prov.15:21] walketh uprightly

[Prov.17:27] is of an excellent spirit

Paul prayed for the Ephesians to have wisdom, revelation, and understanding. These three are really great things to ask God for in your own life and to pray for others to have.