From Servants to Sons Gal 4:1-11

Galatians 4:1-11 From Servants to Sons  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Gal 4:1-11, Paul explains the law versus real salvation.  This time he uses the child/father relationship and subsequent inheritance to explain the difference.

The Illustration (v. 1-2) The heir of an estate eventually becomes the lord of the estate at the time his father appoints. But until then, he is no different than a servant because he has rules he has to obey administered by tutors and governors.  So a child = a servant

The Relation (v. 3) You can relate.  Same with you personally. When you were  children, you had to obey your parents and those they put in charge of  you: governor or governess in a rich family to take care of kids (Sound of Music)

The Result when the Son is old enough not to serve he is no longer a Servant and he is no longer a Child under tutor, he is given [II Cor 3:17] liberty – according to Jn 8:32-44, Jews thought sonship was by natural birth and keeping the law – Doesn’t make sense when a person is finally old enough to get out of doing chores that he does them like he still has to – Obeying rules is like obeying tutors and governors – no way, the son is grown out of that – he has reached the Time appointed of the Father

The Explanation

    1. You were a servant because you had to keep the law – you didn’t “know Him” (v.8)
    1. Now you are a son (v. 9a)
    1. Why do you want to go back to being a servant again? (v. 9b)
    1. That is what you are doing when you go back and observe days (v. 10)


    1. My work is a total waste if you are going back under the law
    2. Gal 2:2