Why You Don’t Walk in Newness of Life, Rom 6:4



Many Christians are saved and they’re glad to be saved. But they don’t walk in newness of life.  They don’t enjoy the abundant life that Jesus promised.  Why don’t you walk in newness of life?  You don’t walk in newness of life because:

You don’t want to die – Rom 6:3-11 – death by crucifixion is painful, agonizing, and excruciating.  It’s not instant.  Men have suffered for days on the cross before dying. You don’t believe that sin is killing you.  You don’t believe that dying to walk in newness of life is better than living with the pleasure of your sin for a season.  I have watched Christians change their habits when they were diagnosed with a deadly disease as a result of their sin.  You can let the cross kill you now and start walking in newness of life, or you can keep on living to your sin and let it kill you later.  One way or the other you’re going to die, either a defeated servant to sin or a victorious servant to God.

You don’t want to fight – Rom 7:23 – Gal 5:16-17 The fight is protracted, but you are assured of victory and strength through Christ and the Spirit, Rom 8:13.  However, sin won’t give up, Rom 7:15-20.  It’s easier for you to give up and live in bondage to the flesh, Rom 6:16.  Lots of Christians are good with that.  My back pain.  Chiro to fix it.  That’s like miraculous deliverance, which is what most Christians want.  However, he said The roller.  I wouldn’t do the roller at first.  I would just live with it.  However, it became so painful the I couldn’t sleep.  Now the roller.  It’s painful, it takes daily work, it didn’t seem to be working at first, but now I’m getting relief.  I must keep doing the roller and stretching from now on.

You don’t want to win – Rom 7:24 – 8:4 – victory in Jesus is not sweet to you.  Rom 8:18, 8:31-32, 8:37.  Pleasing God is not more important to you than pleasing yourself, Rom 8:8.  That’s the attitude of the generation of the last days, when perilous days shall come, 2 Tim 3:1-4.  However, if you ever get a taste of the victory, and the freedom from bondage to sin, you will be forever grateful that you died to yourself and put up the fight.

Conclusion: to walk in newness of life, you have to do all three of these.  You must die to walk in newness of life.  You must fight to walk in newness of life.  You must win to walk in newness of life.  Sin shall not have dominion over you, Rom 6:14.  You’ve got to get the upper hand and then keep it.