That’s My Shepherd


That’s My Shepherd

Psalm 23


  • Verse 3 – “for his name’s sake”, The Wonderful things he does because of who he is!
  • For a moment tonight forget all the cares of the world and just rejoice in your Shepherd
  • [Ps.100:1-4] Wow, gladness, singing, thanksgiving, praise, and bless his name.
  • For a few minutes tonight, let’s have “Shepherd Appreciation Day

Verse 1

  • “I shall not want”
  • [Phil.4:19]“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
  • [Ps. 37:25] “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”
  • Illustration of how our dog will knock over a water bowl, yet we are always there to fill it back up. Your shepherd has always taken care of your needs
  • That’s My Shepherd

Verse 2

  • “maketh me” – I tend to wander off!
  • Everyone here tonight has taken a different path, but your Shepherd got you Here!(Proof)
  • “he leadeth me” – [Ps.31:3] “For thy name’s sake” Lead me and Guide me
  • “beside the still waters”[Ps.107:23-31] / Verse 3 – “in the paths of righteousness” [Prov.3:5-6]
  • Your shepherd, because of who he is, is always here to lead, guide and direct you.
  • That’s My Shepherd

Verse 3

  • “restoreth my soul”  Your Salvation
  • [Jn.3:18] Condemned already / [Eph.2:12] having no hope and without God
  • Once again, because of who he is, not because who I am!
  • That’s My Shepherd

Verse 4

  • [Jn.1:29] My shepherd has been there and done that! [Heb.4:15] [Isa.53:3], the comfort in knowing that your shepherd has already walked through grief and sorrow, and knows your pain!
  • “thou art with me”  You are NEVER alone!
  • Rod and staff – comfort me! [Heb.12:11] the peaceable fruit of righteousness
  • That’s My Shepherd

Verse 5

  • “in the presence of my enemies” – for all to see! [Matt.6:6] Bless you openly
  • “anointest my head” Only Kings and Priest get that! [1 Pet.2:9] [Rev.5:10]
  • “my cup runneth over” [Lk.6:38] Eph.3:20]
  • That’s My Shepherd

Verse 6

  • My Shepherd is on the job today and forever!
  • [1Cor.2:9] The good stuff is yet to come!
  • That’s My Shepherd

Conclusion :   Wonderful things that he does because of who he is! For His Name’s Sake.