We Are His Sheep, Jn 10:27


In Jn 10, Jesus likens each of us to his sheep.  Our relationship is that of a shepherd to sheep.  He is our shepherd; we are his sheep.  In Jn 10:27 he called us “My sheep.”  As his sheep there are three things that we should do according to this verse.  As his sheep we should:

Hear him – in Jn 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.”  The Lord talks to you through his words.  When you read the Bible every day, the Lord brings verses to your mind that speak directly to you.  Prov 10:14 says, “Wise men lay up knowledge.”  So, you go to the Lord in his word and, even if he doesn’t give you something special for that day, you can lay it up for another day.  Obviously, the more time you spend in God’s words, the more clearly you can hear his voice.  As a young person, the more time you spend in God’s words and the less time you spend in man’s words, the more clearly you are going to hear his voice throughout your life.  

You have to be careful not to listen to the voice of the stranger, Jn 10:4-5.  The devil will try to imitate the voice of the Lord to get you to follow him.  Be careful to discern his voice.  He is a liar.  What he says will not line up 100% with the Bible.  It may only line up partially.  Remember what he did to Eve when he lied about what God said.  You also have to be careful not to clutter your mind with a lot of other voices.  You just want to hear God’s voice and check with him often to make sure you hear him loud and clear.

Come to him – In Jn 10:27 Jesus said, “I know them.”  A shepherd will daily inspect his sheep to make sure nothing is wrong with them.  He knows each one, individually.  He knows everything about them.  He knows their personality, their habits, their health, their condition, their lambs, and such.  He spends so much time with them that they are like pets to him.  

Jesus is your shepherd,  And he knows you better than you know your own self.  In Ps 139:1-6 David was aware of the Lord’s phenomenal knowledge of us.  There is nothing about us that the Lord does not know.  According to Heb 4:13 he knows the thoughts and intents of your heart.  He knew what was in every man when he was here in the earth, Jn 2:24-25.  He knew what people were thinking, Mk 2:6-8.  He knew that Nathaniel had no guile, Jn 1:47-48.

With a shepherd like Jesus, you should come to him every morning and every evening and let him inspect you.  Let him look you over inside and out really well, Ps 139:23-24.  And whatever he shows you, remember it, if it’s something instructive, and change it, if it’s a reproof.  And when you are out of sorts, go straight to Jesus and lay your heart bare before him.  He will show you exactly what’s going on in your life so you can regain your composure and get back on track.

Follow him – Jn 10:27 says, “and they follow me.”  It’s one thing to hear God’s voice and to come to him for your personal daily inspections.  But as his sheep, we must also follow him.  No matter where he leads us we must go right with him.  Usually, he is going to make us lie down in green pastures and he’s going to lead us beside still waters.  Occasionally, we may travel through something like “the shadow of death.”  Just remember that his rod and his staff are there to comfort us.  

No one in the universe knows better where to lead you than he does.  You will never ever go wrong following him.  He will lead you as you grow, he will lead you to the right school, to the right job, to the right spouse, to the right church, to the right home, to the right everything.  Trust him to lead you in even the seemingly most insignificant decisions for your life, what to eat, when to sleep, what to read, what to do at a specific moment, whether to accept an invitation, and so on.  Don’t go anywhere that Jesus Christ is not leading you to go.  

Conclusion: our good shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, wants to lead you all the way.  Make sure you get to know his voice and listen to him throughout the day.  Come to him twice daily for a good inspection.  Let him search you over thoroughly.  And follow him wherever he leads.  If he isn’t leading you, then don’t move.  Go where he says go, and go when he says go.