The Slothful Man, Prov 19:15

This week we have been preaching on the men in the Book of Proverbs.  Today we will be discussing the slothful man.  The slothful man:

Sleeps too much – Prov 19:15 – slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.  He gets more sleep than he needs.  He spends too much time sitting around.  He’s like a sloth; he’s idle.  According to Prov 24:30-34, it’s just “a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep” that is too much.  He’s sleeping just a little more than he should.  In Prov 26:13-15, “as the door turneth upon his hinges, so doth the slothful upon his bed.”  He just doesn’t want get going.

Doesn’t want to work – Prov 19:15 – slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.  He’d rather stand around idle than work, Matt 20:6.  Ao, according to Prov 21:25, he can’t get what he desires because he refuses to work. “The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour.”  He’s so lazy that he won’t even process his game to get something to eat.  Prov 12:27 – the slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.  He’s so lazy that he won’t even feed himself when the food is within reach.  Prov 19:24 – a slothful man hideth his hand in his bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again.

Wastes precious time – Prov 18:9 – he that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.  Prov 24:31 Because he neglects things that need to be maintained, he doubles the work that is required.  He wastes time looking for things because he’s too lazy to put them back where they belong.  He’s too slothful to do things right the first time, so he, or someone else, has to do them over.  Prov 15:19 – the way of the slothful man is an hedge of thorns: but the way of the righteous is made plain.  The slothful man makes it harder on himself because he’s lazy.  He’s too lazy to organize his stuff.  He doesn’t keep his books straight.  He doesn’t pay his bills and taxes on time.  He doesn’t pay attention to detail.  And he gets overwhelmed.  He doesn’t keep his appointments straight.  

Makes lame excuses – Prov 22:13 – the slothful man saith, There is a lion without, I shall be slain in the streets.  Prov 26:13-15 – the slothful man saith, There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets.  There are certainly lions… in the bush.  But this guy is claiming that the lions have come to town and so he can’t leave his house to work.  When he was in school, no doubt, the dog ate his homework.

Will never rule – Prov 12:24 – the hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.  The trouble with the slothful man is that he thinks he should be ruling.  He wants a position, not a job.  And when he is under someone else, he thinks no one should be ruling.  He doesn’t want anyone to be in charge because he doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do.

Conclusion: if you have heard something in this message that reveals an area of slothfulness in your own life, change that.  Certainly, you understand now why so many employers are complaining that they can’t find good help.  Slothfulness is the underlying problem.