The Empty Seat, 1 Sam 20:18

1 Sam 20:18 The Empty Seat CLICK FOR TITLE AUDIO

David concocted a plan to determine Saul’s intentions to kill him.  He had already seen that javelin flying at him more times than he cared and so he excused himself from Saul’s table saying that he was returning to his family’s home for the new moon.  Of course, his plan revealed Saul’s intentions to kill him, as he suspected.  Nevertheless, Jonathan told David about his absence form the table, “thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty.”

There is something very ominous about an empty chair at the table due to the death or absence of a child.  Parents feel this when their children grow and go off to college or get married or go into the military.  They really feel it when they experience the death of their child.  And the children feel it on special occasions when a parent or grandparent’s chair is empty.  Things seem so strange.  I remember at Thanksgiving how unusual it was to see my father’s chair empty.  It was the last chair to be occupied when we were all seated around the table.

Listen, when you are a member of a church and you suddenly are missing, because you’re used to sitting in the same place, your chair is empty.  Don’t fuss when someone from the church calls to find out where you are.  They miss you.

And don’t forget that there is a place set for you at the marriage supper of the Lamb, Rev 19:7-9.  And it will be a terrible tragedy if you’re seat is empty.  Your loved ones and friends will be very upset if you are not there.  It’s one of the reasons that the Lord will have to wipe away tears from our eyes.  Listen to the gospel preached in this message and get saved.  The other reason is that their chair might be empty because you neglected to give them an invitation.  You have to tell them of Jesus’ invitation to receive him as their Savior and to be at the marriage of the Lamb. You have to compel them to come in, Lk 14:23.  Otherwise, they will be missed because their seat will be empty.