Do we have any Shame?

 Do we have any

In this lesson we are going to study the word shame. We will look at a
definition for the word and also the 1st occurrence of the word in
the word of God. We will also look at some ways that we can shame ourselves and
our parents, and also see some of the results for shame.

Shame – A painful sensation excited by a
consciousness of guilt, or of having done something which injures reputation;
or by the exposure of that which nature or modesty prompts us to conceal. [American Dictionary of the American Language,
Noah Webster, 1828]

Above is as good definition for the word shame. The word shame occurs
for the first time in Exodus 32:25.
Here we see that it is connected with idolatry and nakedness. This makes since
because one of the first things that Adam and Eve learned as a result of their
sin was that they were naked. When they knew this they made aprons and hid
themselves from the presence of the Lord because they were naked and afraid (Genesis 3:7-11). Jesus is said
to have endured the cross despising the shame (Hebrews 12:2). He was crucified naked which was shameful but
also he became sin for us which is also part of the shame. But this he did for
us willingly that we might not have to bear our own shame when we stand before

Now the society we live in today is doing everything they can to teach
that nothing is shameful. Sin is broadcast 24 hours a day on television.
Modesty is a thing of the past. Now it seems like people are trying to get how
much of themselves they can reveal in public. Not only is sin praised, promoted
and publicized by our schools, government, entertainment industry etc. But if
you dare speak out and call it sin, the media and this generation will call you
names such as a phobic of whatever you say is sin or not right. The problem is
if everything is right then nothing is wrong, and that is what will lead to the
destruction of society.

How can we shame our parents?

1)  Being Lazy (Proverbs 10:5)

  • The verse speaks of a son that sleeps in harvest time. This is someone who will not work. Laziness is rampant in our society not just among young people but also among adults. This should be a shame to us, but remember we live in a society that tries to tell us nothing is shameful.
  • A spiritual application could be made here about a child of God who does nothing spiritually for the Lord. This is also a shame on Christianity.

2)  Wasting our father and
chasing away our mother (Proverbs

  • A good example of this is the prodigal son who wasted his father substance with riotous living (Luke 15:13 with Proverbs 29:3).
  • When a child is rebellious enough that he chases away his mother that is also a shame because the mother is usually the one who will stick up for the children when the father doesn’t want to.

3)  Having the wrong friends (Proverbs 28:7)

  • When we have the wrong friends we are
    bring shame to our parents.

Some things that the word of
God says can be a shame to us:

1)  Our Appearance (Exodus 32:25 ; 1 Timothy 2:9-10 ; 1 Corinthians 11:5-16)

  • As seen above nakedness should be a shame unto us that is why the word of God tells women to be modestly dressed.
  • But also other things about our appearance can bring us shame. We should strive to dress and present ourselves in a way that is pleasing unto God regardless of what the world says is right or wrong.

2)  Not showing other the
knowledge of God (1 Corinthians 15:34)

  • Paul tells the Corinthians that it’s a shame that there were some who did not know the knowledge of God.

3)  Speaking about evil deeds (Ephesians 5:12)

  • The word of God says not only is it a shame to do evil deeds but it is also a shame to speak of the evil deed done by others.

Results of Shame:

In Proverbs 11:2 we
see that shame is said to follow pride, which is interesting because many times
pride is an attempt not to be shammed. In Proverbs
shame is the result of not following instructions. But one of the
main results of shame will be demotion. This is seen in Proverbs 17:2 were the wise servant is said to rule over the
shameful son.

Our society thinks that by having no shame in sin or wickedness that it
will somehow bring us up or excel mankind, but in reality it will only destroy
us as can be seen in the word of God and in history. Shame brings demotion not
promotion because God judges sin whether we believe he will or not.

 Do we have any


1)  What is a good definition of

2)  What is the goal of the

3)  How can we shame our Parents?

4)  What are some things that the
Bible says should shame us?

5)  What are some results
connected with being shamed?