Pastor Rick Sowell – Parenting This Generation

Pastor Rick Sowell preached on the Family from the texts in Proverbs 30:11-14; 17:25; and 19:13.  He preached on husbands, wives, and children. The word “Husband” means “house-band.”  In other words, a husband holds the house together.  Girls, when you’re looking for a husband, find the man who keeps things together.  The word “Wife” means “to weave.”  So the husband is the frame and the wife weaves the picture that is in the frame.  The beauty of marriage occurs when the right picture is in the right frame. The husband provides strength and protection. The wife provides peace and comfort.

Parents together, then, must provide the following things for their children:

Instruction – Prov 1:8-9.  Children, learn to listen to Mom and Dad.  Learn to follow basic instructions at home.

Correction – Prov 3:12.  If you love your children, you’re going to correct them.  When you do, explain to them why so they will learn the lesson.

Commandments – Prov 6:20-22.  These provide authority in the home. Thou shalt and thou shalt not must be clearly stated and properly enforced. With commandments, children should learn respect for authority. The laws are to help you.

Example – Deut 4:10.  We must set a good example for our children. Many parents say and don’t do.  What you are is what they become. You can’t raise children to love God if you don’t.

Conclusion: These four principles are essential in raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  These are the principles you’ll need to train them.