How To Have Peace With God

How To Have Peace With God  CLICK ON TITLE FOR AUDIO

Peace is one of the most desirable characteristics of your relationship with God – but surprisingly a lot of Christians don’t enjoy that peace – either they don’t know about it or they don’t know how to get it – today we’ll show you about it and show you how to live in peace

Peace through Salvation – Rom 5:1 – you will most times experience lasting peace with God after you get saved – there is nothing to compare with a peaceful conscience when you lay down to sleep

Peace through Supplication – Phil 4:6-7 – the peace that passeth all understanding will truly settle you when you have prayed sufficiently and gratefully

Peace through Sanctification – I Thes 5:23, Gal5:22 – comes from separation from your old life and being filled with the Spirit – peace is one aspect of the fruit of the Spirit

Peace through Submission – Phil 4:9 – you know peace when you finally submit to the Lord’s will – there is peace in the surrender because you are no longer pitting your will against his – the things concerning his will are learned through preaching – so you need to be under good preaching

Peace through Amalgamation – 2 Cor 13:11, Eph 4:3 – there is peace when a husband and wife are married and are determined to love each other and work through their differences to live in one mind and one spirit – the same is true when God’s children love each other and are likeminded