How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered

2 Samuel 18:9-18

In the passage for the sermon we see that Absalom faces a certain problem that many face today. His problem is that he comes to the reality of his own mortality. He says that no son to carry on his name therefore he builds a pillar for himself in the kings dale.

For many today this problems comes in a variety of ways. Usually at some point in life, it can be through reaching a different age or a certain event that can cause you to begin to think like Absalom. The key though is to not become an Absalom. He builds a pillar but wound up buried unto a pile of stones.

In Solomon we see another example of this problem. When we look at Ecclesiastes chapter 2 we see that Solomon even though he had all the money in the world, built all that he wanted to build, and experienced all the pleasures that life could afford he still found life to be all vanity and vexation of the spirit. Note the following (remember that Ecclesiastes is written from the view point of man)

  • Ecclesiastes 2:16 (There is no remembrance of the wise more than of the fool)
  • Ecclesiastes 2:16 (The wise man will die as the fool)
  • Ecclesiastes 2:17 (He hated life)
  • Ecclesiastes 2:18 (He hated all his labor)
  • Ecclesiastes 2:19 (You do know and cannot control what will happen to all your labor and assets when you are dead)

What is the Solution for this?

In Malachi 3:7-18 we see God saying something in regards to Israel’s thought about serving God. These thoughts are in verses 14-15. If we are careful we can get into the same mindset about serving God when we look at it from the view point of man.

The solution is to remember that God is writing a book of remembrance (verse 16).  The question for us is what is going in that book under our name. In Acts 10:4,31 we see that God heard and remembered the prayers and alms of a lost man. If God does that then surely he makes not of the things that we do for him.

We must try and remember that even though we live in this world all of it will pass away and will not be remembered in eternity (Isaiah 65:17).