Wayne Sehmish – Joseph Got Through, Gen 41:51-52

This sermon was preached by Dr. Wayne Sehmish.  The texts for this sermon are found in Jn 5:5-8 and Gen 41:51-52.  

The summary of the sermon is that you’re going to go through troubles in this sin ruined world just like the infirm man in Jn 5 and just like Joseph in Gen 39.  You don’t want to get stuck in your trouble.  You want to get through.  We need a Manasseh so we can leave our past in the past.  And we need an Ephraim so we can be fruitful in our land of affliction.  Joseph didn’t stay stuck; he got through.  The infirm man who met Jesus in Jn 5, did not stay stuck in his infirmity.  When Jesus came by, he got up, he rolled up his mat and walked away.  He got through.  With Jesus, you can get through.