The Great Woman of Shunem

The Great Woman of Shunem

2 Kings 4:8-37 & 8:1-6

The woman in this passage is called a great woman (verse 8). This is the only woman in the word of God called a great woman. In this sermon we will look at how this woman is a woman of great example for us.

The Woman of Shunem a Great Example In:

1)  Making the most out of every day (verses 8-10)

  • Note that she constrained the man to eat, then made him a room with provisions.
  • Example for us in scripture (James 4:13-17)
  • In this we must note the phrase “It fell on a day”

verse 8  Little things a man passes by

verse 11  Nothing out of the ordinary followed by a great blessing

verse 18  Great tragedy struck.

2)  Handling tragedy (verses 18-37)

  • Note that when tragedy struck she just kept saying, It is well (verses 23,26)
  • I believe she is a great example in the fact that everything comes from God, therefore if it comes from God then God is in control.
  • She placed the boy on the bed of the man of God and went to him for help.
  • Some things that should start with the God in our lives (Health, Marriage, Jobs, Finances, School, etc.)
  • Philippians 4:5-7

3)  The Provisions of God (2 Kings 8:1-6)

  • We think that the woman of Shunem was rewarded for all her care of Elisha by having a son.
  • But what she paid forward she got back in, after the famine.
  • But what is important for us to see is that it is the event of Elisha raising her son that gets the king to grant her favor in restoring her land.

Let us look to the example of the woman of Shunem and learn to make the most of each day, handling tragedy, and being willing to give to the Lord and let him repay you.