The 144,000 Rev. 7:1-8

The 144,000 Revelation 7:1-8  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The 144,000

Verse 1 – 4 angels on 4 corners of earth – Isaiah 40:22 the earth is round – 4 corners refers to North, East, South, West – Is 11:12 also refers to the 4 corners of the earth – so the four corners is a reference to the earth in its entirety

Verse 1 – 4 winds – Matthew 24:31 – Daniel 7:2 – Ezekiel 37:9 – North, East, South, and West winds – thus wind from all directions – we find all four winds in scripture – here are some of the places – Proverbs 25:23 north wind – Psalms 78:26 east wind and south wind – Exodus 10:19 west wind

Verse 1 – all wind stops

Verse 2 – the seal of the living God – Revelation 7:3. 9:4 to seal the servants of God in their foreheads – Numbers 6:27, Ezekiel 9:2-4

Verse 3 – so the winds are going to hurt the earth seas and trees

Verse 3 – but not till the servants of God are sealed

Verse 4 – 144,000 of all tribes of Israel – Isaiah 49:6 – so God knows where they are and who they are – they are all Jews, males and virgins – Revelation 14:1-4 – no chance that these can be Jehovah’s Witnesses, therefore

Verses 4-8 – 12 tribes –  but Levi replaces Dan and Joseph is given for Ephraim

2 tribes missing from the list – Ephraim by name – here they are referred to as Joseph – and Dan

Ephraim was the territory in which Bethel was located and Dan was in the north – these are the places where the two golden calves of Jeroboam were placed 1 Kings 12:28-30

Dan has characteristics of the Antichrist

Genesis 49:17 Jacob said that Dan shall be a serpent Genesis 3:1, Revelation 12:9 – context in Genesis 49:18 2nd advent

Deuteronomy 33:22 Dan is a lion’s whelp 1 Peter 5:8 [he leaps from Bashan]

1 Kings 12:29-30, 2 Kings 10:29 – the golden calf of Jeroboam in Dan

Amos 8:14 – the sin of Samaria, Thy god, O Dan, liveth

Judah 17:10 & 18:1 – Micah’s priest called “father” [Matthew 23:9] was taken by the Danites  with his idols called “gods” – he had a graven image Judges 18:30-31 and the image was set up like Daniel 3 – contrary to Deuteronomy 16:21-22

Jerermiah 8:16-17 horses from north [Dan] and serpents bite you

Leviticus 24:11 – a Danite blasphemed God and was stoned

Numbers 2:25 Dan was on the north – Joshua 19:47; Jeremiah 1:13-14

Judges 5:17 Deborah and Barak asked “why did Dan remain in ships” – instead of fighting with Barak against Sisera, a type of the Antichrist

Judges 13:2 Samson was from Dan

2 Chronicles 2:14 and Aholiab was from Dan [Exodus 31:6] – these Danites were skillful to work in gold and other metal and material for the temple and tabernacle and the Antichrist will have skillful men to make his golden image and his seat in the Tribulation temple

Jeremiah 4:15 Dan and Ephraim are mentioned in the same verse – these verses have Tribulation and 2nd Ad context

Ezekiel 48:1 Nevertheless, Dan gets a millennial inheritance

Ezekiel 48:32 and Dan gets a gate around the millennial Temple

Ephraim [Ezekiel 37:16, Jeremiah 31:9 Ephraim is used interchangeably with Joseph for Israel] Psalms 78:67

Genesis 49:22 Jacob prophecies about Joseph instead of Manasseh and Ephraim

Judges 17:1, 8 Micah lived in mount Ephraim [where the Danites stole the priest and idols]

Jeremiah 7:11-16 [15] cast out the whole seed of Ephraim

Isaiah 28:1-3 refers to the crown of pride the drunkards of Ephraim

Psalms 78:9-10 – Ephraim kept not the covenant and refused to walk in law

Deuteronomy 29:18-21 – spells out the curse against a tribe for turning away from the Lord – cut off

I Kings 12:29 – calf

Judges 4:5 – Deborah, who judged Israel, was from Ephraim

Hosea 4:17 – Ephraim joined to idols let him alone

Hosea 6:10 – the whoredom of Ephraim

Hosea 7:8, 11 – Ephraim was half baked – turn to Egypt and Assyria

Hos 8:11 – Ephraim made many altars to sin

Hosea 11:12 – Ephraim’s lies and deceit

Hosea 12:8, 14 – Ephraim became rich and provoked the Lord to anger

Hosea 13:1-4 – Ephraim offended in Baal

Hosea 14:8 – what have I to do anymore with idols

Ezekiel 48:5-6 – Ephraim has an inheritance in the millennium

Ezekiel 48:32 – the gate in the mill is named Joseph – Dan has a gate and Levi gets a gate – so Joseph stands for the 2 other tribes [Manasseh and Ephraim]

Zechariah 9:10 – I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim