The spirit of fear

The spirit of fear

2 Tim.1:7

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” How much of your day do you live in fear? What are the things that you are afraid of? According to this scripture, God has no plan for you to spend one second in fear. [Rom.8:15] says that fear is a byproduct of bondage. To help you have victory over fear He has given you three great sources of help.

God has given us three things that will defeat he spirit of Fear.

You are not required to understand each of the following, but by faith believing each one, God will open your understanding and help you to have victory over your fear.


  • [2 Tim.1:8] be thou partaker of the afflictions
    of the gospel according to the power of God, the afflictions that cause you to
    be afraid in your life are to be overcome by the power of God.
  • [Acts 1:8] The Holy Ghost was promised as a
    source of power
  • [2 Tim. 3:5] Christians that are bound by fear
    are denying the power that they have access to.
  • [1 Thes.1:5] We have the same gospel, in word,
    in power, in the Holy Ghost, in much assurance.
  • [Col.1:9-11] We need to access every source of
    God’s glorious power!
  • [Matt.7:7-8] Ask God to help you use that power


  • [1Jn.4:18] Perfect love casteth out fear
  • Torment – the utmost degree of misery, that’s
    what fear is!
  • [1Jn.4:9-10] We are loved by God, how can fear
    exist in that perfect love?
  • [1Jn.4:15-19] Our love is perfected in boldness,
    not fear!
  • [1Jn.2:5-6] the love of God perfected in your
  • [Rom.8:38-39] You can’t be separated from it!

Sound Mind

  • [1Cor.2:16] We have the mind of Christ,
    wow that’s a sound mind!
  • You must have wisdom to discern the correct
    amounts of reason and emotion
  • [Phil.4:5] Moderation – you need God’s wisdom
    [James 1:5, 3:17]
  • [Phil.4:6] Meditation – Don’t worry, give it to
  • [Phil.4:7] Then the peace of God keeps your
  • [Rom.12:2] you will become transformed by the
    renewing of your mind.