Four Essentials in Prayer, 1 Tim 2:8

In 1 Tim 2:1-8, we find that prayer is essential.  In 1 Tim 2:8, we see that there are four essentials in prayer.  When you pray you must:

Be instant – Paul said, “I will therefore that men pray everywhere…”.  In Rom 12:12, he said, “continuing instant in prayer.”  Prayer must be something you do with extreme rapidity and ease.  Rapidity doesn’t mean you get through your prayer in a hurry, but rather that no time lapses between the time you need to pray and the time you start praying.

Be holy – Paul said, “… lifting up holy hands.”  When we pray, therefore, we are to be holy.  You want to be sure to confess and deal with the sin in your life.  Is 59:2 and Ps 66:18 show you that sin will interfere with your reception in prayer.  So, when the Lord deals with you about a particular sin in your life that he wants out of there, trust his grace to give you the strength to get it out.

Be kind – Paul said, “… without wrath.”  When we pray we are to forgive.  We are not to use prayer for wrath.  See Mk 11:25-26 and Eph 4:31-32.  Though we are already forgiven, God still wants us to forgive others.  We are to intercede for others; not plead against them.  The Lord knows when you are holding a grudge against another.  So, don’t try to fool him with your piety.  Be genuinely kind and tenderhearted.

Be sure – Paul said, “… and (without) doubting.”  When we pray we are to have faith in God.  We are to be certain of the things for which we are praying and of the person to whom we are praying.   See Mk 11:22-24 and Jas 1:6-8.  You may not need to literally move a mountain.  But you need the God who can move it to answer your prayers.  So, know what you’re asking him to do, ask him, and then trust him to do it.

Conclusion: in 1 Tim 2:8 you might see an area of your prayer life that needs attention.  Are you too hesitant to pray?  Have you not dealt with a sin in your life that the Lord has brought to your attention?  Are you holding wrath against someone rather than forgiving them?  Are you lacking faith and wavering and unstable in your prayer?  Address the area that is hindering your prayers and get on with praying.