Sing A New Song, Ps 149:1

Before we were saved, our old songs were about carnal love, rebellion, drinking, getting high, surfing, losing lovers, trains, dogs, etc.  After getting saved we started singing new songs in church.  These are congregational songs according to Ps 149:1.  When you run the references to “new song” in the Bible, you find that, doctrinally, there will be new songs sung around the time of the Second Advent and during Jesus’ millennial reign.  Spiritually, though, we can apply some of these references to us because, in the context of each reference, we find something concerning our new lives in Christ.  We now sing:

A new song about God’s salvation – Ps 96:1-2 – We are to shew forth his salvation from day to day.  The message of the gospel is in our new songs and hymns that we sing. Consider the words of these hymns from The Great Hymns of the Faith. 477 At Calvary; 448 He Ransomed Me; and so forth.

A new song about Jesus – Ps 98:1-9 – this Psalm is about the return of Jesus Christ.  We are certainly supposed to sing praises to him.  Consider the words of these hymns.  49 Our Great Savior; 47 All Glory to Jesus; 42 All Hail the Power of Jesus Name; 50 Fairest Lord Jesus; etc.

A new song about the blood of Christ – Rev 5:9 – We’ll be singing in heaven and praising the Lord for redeeming us to God by his blood.  Consider the words of these hymns.  44 And Can it be; 110 Alas! And did my Savior Bleed; 208 Are You Washed; 212 Nothing But The Blood; 210 Saved by the Blood; 232 When I see the Blood; etc.

A new song about our changed lives – Ps 40:1-3.  If you have ever been lifted up out of a horrible pit and set upon a rock, you surely have something to sing about.  Consider the words of these hymns.  67 How Can it Be; 446 Satisfied; etc.

A new song about God’s word – Ps 33:1-4 – and look at Col 3:16.  Many of our hymns have perfect scriptural message.  And how we praise the Lord for his pure, preserved words.  Consider the words of these hymns.  268 How Firm a Foundation, 234 Wonderful Words of Life; 178 The Bible Stands; 175 Standing on the Promises; etc.

Conclusion: when we come to church we have a wonderful opportunity to praise the Lord with Congregational singing.  These songs are not just a part of the schedule while we wait for the preaching.  They are our opportunity as a congregation of saints to sing to our Lord.  They are among the many ministries of our church.  They are something we can all do together.  We must put our hearts and minds into singing the words of these songs to the Lord, considering all that he has done for us.