Watchmen, Keep not Silence, Is 62:6

Watchmen, Keep Not Silence


The typical “watchman on the wall” intimidation:

[Eze.33:7-8] You are a watchman, if you fail to warn the lost, their blood is on your hands! You now are the reason that they are going to hell. (Lots of bloody hands in the congregation at this point) Oh, you say that is Old testament! Turn to:[Acts 20:26] Paul, says “I am pure from the blood of all men”, [Acts 20:31] “I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears” YOU ARE GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!Quite a distorted (2 Pet.3:16 -wrest the scripture or 2 Pet.1:20 – private interpretation) view.

  1. Ezekiel (not you) was a watchman for Israel, yes, it is Old Testament
  2. Read the context of [Acts 20:17-38], A charge to the elders of Ephesus.
  3. [Acts 9:15][Acts 18:4-6] Paul had a calling, and in [Acts 20:26-27], he is pure from the blood, guiltless,[Jos.2:19] because he has preached the whole counsel of God to all of them. No one had “bloody hands”.
  4. The warning in verse 31, real context in 29-30.

So, Does God want us to warn the lost?When the Holy Spirit tells you to go, or give a tract or witness to someone, does he expect you to do it? Is there some guilt to be had if you don’t? Does God expect you to be a watchman? The answer is YES to all the above!

[Acts 1:8] told to be witnesses – open your mouth[2Cor.5:20] we are ambassadors for Christ – open your mouth [2Cor.5:10-11] If not now, we will be judged at he Judgment seat of Christ, like any other disobedience!

Requirements of a Watchman:

[Eze.33:7] “I have set thee” It is a Privilege – God chose you for the job! [Matt.9:38] His harvest!It is a Command – It is not a request

[Eze.33:7] “hear the word at my mouth” Must be in a position close enough to hear – good fellowship with the Lord. Must be looking for opportunity – do you desire to be used? Must be willing to obey –   

[Eze.33:7] “warn them from me” At the very least have a good testimony, prepared with a tract to give. Know some Bible, even if it is to follow a plan or tract. Better yet, know enough Bible that you are able to give exactly the scripture they need.

[Eze.33:8-9] Both parties have a responsibility! You do your part, however small or large it is, and they must do their part. This is God’s work, your expectation should be to be a good watchman, pleasing God, with no expectation of results. God gives the increase.

[Isaiah 62:6]
 I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,