Numbers in the Word of God, Lesson #5

Numbers in the Word of God

Lesson #5

In this lesson we are going to look at the number thirteen. This number has a lot proof for what it will be connected with in the word of God. As you will see in this lesson even man connects this number with the same things God does. As Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun”, in the end man gets everything from the Bible whether he will admit it or not.

The Number Thirteen :

The number thirteen is connected with rebellion, evil, bad things and also the anti-christ. Now this may seem like a lot of different things but all of these can connected to one another in some way.

The first occurrence of the number 13 is very significant and is found in Genesis 14:4. In this verse we see that people served Chedorlaomer 12 years and in the 13th year they rebelled. Every wonder why when kids become teenagers they go nuts? Right away we see the number 13 connected with rebellion. Two more examples of this can be found in Deuteronomy 31:27 (3+1+2+7=13) and 2 Chronicles 36:13 (3+6+1+3=13). Note both of these verses dealing with rebellion are connected with thirteen. In our own history here in the United States it is interesting that there were 13 colonies that rebelled against England and caused the American Revolution. One of the popular slogans during that time was “Don’t tread on me” note that this expression has 13 letters. As we will see later in this lesson the number 13 will also be connected with the anti-christ and Satan and we know the very 1st rebellion was Satan rebelling against God.

Judas Iscariot is known as the traitor. One could say he rebelled against Jesus Christ. It is interesting that when Jesus marked him as the traitor in the gospel of John it is found in John 13:26 (13 X 2 = 26). Notice also that Judas Iscariot has exactly 13 letters in his name.

To show that 13 is connected with evil or bad we can look at the very first time that the word “sinners” shows up in the word of God. The first time you see this word it is found in Genesis 13:13. What are the odds of this? Only God could do this! What also makes this interesting is the fact the sinners in this verse are the men of Sodom. The thing that was so wicked in Sodom was homosexuality (it is not a coincidence that this word has 13 letters in it) and this is shown in Genesis 19. When you think about it homosexuality is total rebellion against God. He created Adam and Eve and God is against homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22 ; Romans 1:18-32 see verses 26-27). Looking at this last reference in Romans 1:29-32 you see a list of the characteristics of the people God is talking about, and in this list the 13th one is “haters of God”. There are also said to be 13 evil things which come from a man’s heart Mark 7:20-23.

A good study for this number would be to go through the word of God and note every verse 13 and every chapter 13 and especially any where there is a chapter 13 and verse 13, such as Proverbs 13:13. Not every one of these will be negative or bad but the evidence will be overwhelmingly in that favor. Even in our society today the number 13 is connected with evil or bad luck. Many building have no 13th floor they just skip that number. Friday the 13th is supposed to be a horrible day. Why do you think these things are so? It is because the word of God is true and sets a president that man follows whether he will admit to it or not.

To connect the number 13 with the anti-christ or Satan we will look in Revelation 13:18. Notice the number of the beast which is 666 is found in the Word of God in chapter 13 verse 18 (1+3+1+8=13). Also we see that the verse number is significant with the number of the beast (6+6+6=18). Satan is said to be the dragon in Revelation 12:9, and the word dragon occurs 13 times in the book of Revelation. In Revelation 17:5 (1+7+5=13) we see a verse that reads as follows;


The words that are in all caps are that way in a King James Bible and they are significant because there is exactly 13 words that are in all caps on the woman’s forehead and if you count the letters you will see that there are 65 letters which is 13 X 5 (remember that 5 is the number connected with death). The beast that the woman is on represents the anti-christ and the seven heads represent the seven mountains on which the woman sits. Only one city in the world sets on seven hills and that is Rome. Note the woman is clothed in purple and scarlet and has a golden cup in her hand. This can only be the hand of God in inspiring the word of God and preserving it for us just how he wanted it in the King James Bible.

For one more look at the marvelous hand of God constructing his word it is interesting to note that the Old Testament has exactly 39 books in it, which is 3 X 13. In a King James Bible the last word in the Old Testament is “curse”. This is very fitting because as a result of sin and the law man is under the curse of the law and destined to die and go to hell. But the Lord Jesus Christ came and became sin for us and died and rose again so that we could get out from under the curse of the law. This fact is found for us in Galatians 3:13 in the New Testament. What are the odds of this? God is absolutely amazing! But also look in Acts 13:39 and you will see that by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ we can be justified from all things which the law could not do. Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ and thank him for his marvelous word and the way he put it together to reveal that he is the author and preserver of it.

Numbers in the Word of God

Lesson #5 : Handout

1)  What do we know about the number 13 in the word of God? Give references and examples.