Some Facts About Hell

Some Facts about Hell

Luke 16:19-31

The topic for the lesson today is not a very popular topic, but it is a very serious topic because it deals with the issue of where you will spend eternity. Many today will tell you that hell is not real or does not really exist. Some say that it is a state of mind. Others say that when a person dies that nothing happens or the soul is just destroyed or sleeps forever. It is amazing how many people believe in Heaven but do not want to believe in Hell.

The truth of the matter is you cannot have one without the other. Jesus spoke of both, and as a matter of fact he spoke more about Hell than he did Heaven. That makes perfect sense when one thinks about it because since there is a real place called Hell and it is a place of torment and suffering then Jesus was trying to warn people about going to such a place.

In this lesson we will give some fact about Hell from the word of God. There is not enough time in one lesson to give all the things that the word of God says in regards to Hell so we will just try and cover the basics.

Is Hell a real place :

As we have already said Hell is a real place and Jesus spoke more about it than he did Heaven. Form our passage we can see that Hell is a real place. Many will argue that the passage in Luke 16 is a parable, but it is not. Note that real names are used and the word of God does not mark this as a parable.

Also Jesus gives a specific warning about the place called Hell in Mark 9:42-48. This is actually quoting and Old Testament book of the Bible (Isaiah 66:24). If Hell was not real then Jesus would not have given such a stern warning concerning keeping yourself out of this place.

Both of these passages are very important because it is Jesus personally warning someone about going to this place and he is also giving the harsh realities of someone who has gone to this place.

Where is Hell?

According to our main passage of Study we see that Hell is in the heart of the Earth, and it is separated from Abraham’s bosom by a great gulf. Now we know that this is the heart of the earth because Jesus said that he would spend 3 days 3 nights in the heart of the earth (Matthew 12:40). Jesus also told the repentant thief on the cross “to day shalt thou be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43). Jesus also went to the Hell side because as we see in the book of Acts it had been prophesied that Jesus’ soul would not be left in Hell (Acts 2:25-31). Therefore we see that Hell is in the center of the earth. This is why most passages in the word of God when referencing Hell refer to it as down or downward (Ezekiel 32:27 ; Isaiah 14:15).

What happens to a person in Hell?

In the passage we are studying (Luke 16:19-31) we learn a lot about what happens to a person in Hell. Now we must remember that it is a person’s soul that goes to hell and that the soul has a bodily form. What is tormented in Hell is a person’s soul, and as we see from the passage the soul is who we really are.

The passage says that hell is a place of torment. Below we will list some ways in which a person is tormented in Hell.

  • They are tormented by the flames of Hell (verse 24). Many say the flames cannot be real because they would eventually consume a person. Remember that it is the soul that is burning in hell and it cannot be consumed but it can be tormented as the rich man is tormented here.
  • They are tormented by their memory (verse 25). Note that the rich man is told to remember. In Hell a lost person can remember their life on earth and they will probably remember every opportunity they had to go to heaven but rejected the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They are tormented by the fact that they cannot escape (verse 26). There is no escape from Hell.
  • They are tormented by the thoughts of other loved ones coming to such a place (verse 27-31). Note the rich man doesn’t want any of his brethren to come to this place of torment. This here speaks volumes about what an awful place of torment Hell really is.

It is interesting to note that the word of God also says Hell is never full (Proverbs 27:20).

What is the destiny of Hell?

One day after the tribulation and the Millennial Reign of the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth there will be an event called the Great White Throne Judgment. At this time the word of God says that Death and Hell will deliver up the dead that are in them. Then Death and Hell will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, and whosoever was not found written in the Lambs book of life will be thrown in the Lake of Fire as well. This is the second death (Revelation 20:11-15)

The punishment in the Lake of Fire is eternal and we see this from passages like Revelation 14:11 and also by comparing Revelation 19:20 with Revelation 20:10.

What is the only good thing about the Lake of Fire?

The only good thing we see from the scriptures about the Lake of Fire is that it is not created for you. It was created for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41). God never intended for man to go to this horrible place. This is why he sent his son the Lord Jesus Christ to die on the cross and take our place.

If you are not saved you should trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior today before it is too late. (John 3:16 ; Romans 10:9-13 ; Acts 16:31 ; Ephesians 2:8-9)

Some Facts about Hell : Handout

Luke 16:19-31

1)  What are some verses that we can use to show that Hell is real?


2)  What makes these verses so important?


3)  Where is Hell located? Give references.


4)  Give a description of what a person in Hell will endure.


5)  What will eventually happen to the place called Hell one day?


6)  How long will the ones who end up in the Lake of Fire be punished? Give a reference.


7)  Who was everlasting fire created for? Give a reference.


8) How can you avoid going to Hell and the Lake of Fire?