Giving to God First

Giving to God First

Joshua 6-8

In this lesson we are going to look at the sin that Achan committed by taking what belonged to God. The Spiritual lesson for us will be to give to God first and also to wait on God for his blessings.

In the battle of Jericho God had told the children of Israel not took take any spoils because they belonged to him. Achan saw a garment some gold and some silver and took those and hid them in his tent. In chapter 7 when Israel goes to fight the next battle that God has for them they are defeated by an inferior number of people. What has happened is that God is not with them because of Achan’s sin. When it is discovered that Achan has taken the spoils and hid them in his tent. The children of Israel stone him and his family to death and then burn them with fire. Israel then goes out and defeats the children of Ai.

The sad thing about this event is that God was going to give the children of Israel the spoils from the battle of Ai (Joshua 8:2). If Achan could have just waited then he could have had the spoils and not lost his life along with the lives of his family.

Many times we are just like Achan we are in a rush to have something whether it be a job, wife, husband, material possession etc. and we will not wait on God for what he has for us.

Two things we can learn from this event:

1)  We should give to God first

  • This principle is seen over and over in the Old Testament under the Law (Exodus 22:29 ; Numbers 8:16 ; Deuteronomy 18:4)
  • We can follow this principle today by giving to God the first when it comes to money and giving to God first priority when it comes to our lives, time, talents etc.

2)  Wait of God to bless us instead of trying to obtain everything ourselves.

  • Waiting is hard but note what the word of God says in Psalm 27:14 ; Psalm 37:7 ; Psalm 37:34 ; Psalm 40:1.

There is a good verse in the New Testament that brings these two things together for us and it is Matthew 6:33. Let us give to God first and then wait on the blessing to come in his time and at his direction.


Giving to God First : Handout

Joshua 6-8


1)  Give a brief description of what is going on in these chapters that relates to our lesson.


2)  What are the two spiritual lessons for us to learn from this passage?


3)  What is a good verse that ties all this together for us?