Lovers of Pleasures 2 Tim 3:4

Lovers of Pleasures II Tim. 3: 4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The trouble with people in these last days of perilous times is that they love pleasure [2 Tim 3:4].  They are pleasure seekers.  So, it’s easy for them to get into sin because of its pleasures [Titus 3:3].  They know that these pleasures only last a season [Heb 11:25].  So, they live for today and don’t consider the consequences or judgments of tomorrow.  

Lovers of pleasures are:

Narcissistic – 2 Tim 3:2 – they love themselves more than they love God.  They are self-centered with an exaggerated sense of self-importance.  They would never admit that they love themselves more than they love God, but their attitude, behavior, and actions testify to their self-love.

Carnal – 2 Tim 3:4 – they love their pleasures more than they love God.  They are not haters of God [Rom 1:30], they just don’t love him like they love their pleasures.  If they hated God it would almost be easier to deal with them.  

Religious – 2 Tim 3:5 – they are content with a form of godliness that conforms them to the people and religion around them.  The Holy Spirit is trying to conform them to Jesus Christ [Rom 8:29].  

Powerless – 2 Tim 3:5 – they deny (refuse to accept the truth of and therefore the benefit of) the power of godliness and the power of the word of God [Heb 4:12] in their lives.  Their pleasures choke the word [Lk 8:14] and so it can’t produce its fruit in their lives.

Ignorant – 2 Tim 3:7 – they are not able to come to the knowledge of the truth.  Until they give up their love of pleasures they will never understand the truth of eternal life.  The rich young ruler walked away from all that eternal life could have given him because he would not let go of his riches.  He succumbed to the deceitfulness of riches.  You have to lose your life to find it [Matt 10:39].  They are not willing to give up or risk what they have to find what they don’t have.  They are not missing what they are missing.  They are missing the riches, benefits, joys and pleasures of eternal life which far exceed the pleasures of this world.

Conclusion: If you find today that you love yourself and your pleasures more than you love God, confess that to God and change your love.  Confession is admitting to God that you are guilty of loving yourself more than him, of loving your pleasures more than him.  Confession is admission of guilt before the verdict.  That confession grants you mercy.