Followship, 1 Sam 14:6-14

1 Sam 14:6-14 Followship CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Followship is a word that we coined for this radio broadcast.  Christians love fellowship, but what we really need today is “followship.”  That’s the ability to follow the lead of a good man in the ministry.  The world knows all about peer pressure and fads.  Both of these cause people to follow the lead of somebody else but usually toward a bad thing.  Followship causes you to follow the lead of a man in a good thing.

Notice that Jonathan’s armor bearer followed Jonathan so closely that he had:

The Same Heart – v.7

The Same Courage – v.11

The Same Faith – v.13

The Same Zeal – v.13

Jonathan was a good leader [Prov13:20] but likewise his armor bearer was a good follower.  They worked together just like Jesus set the disciples to work, 2×2.