Get Real Joshua 5: 1-15

Get Real Jos. 5: 1-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Most of us come to church on Sunday and listen to the preaching and teaching and go on home. Maybe there was some conviction; maybe there was some resolve to change, and maybe not. Then Monday morning we are back in the REAL world. Why isn’t the Christian life the REAL world? We step out of the REAL world to go to church, then back into the REAL world the rest of the week. Which one is real to you?
Forty years in the wilderness for Israel was their transition time from the World (Egypt) to the promise land (other side of the Jordon) Some of us are still in Egypt or wandering around in the wilderness, because Christianity is not Real to us. Get Real.

Verse 1-8
First step – Need to be made Whole
All the children of Israel needed to be circumcised (to be in good standing w/God)
All of us need to be Spiritually circumcised (Col.2:11-12)– Need for Gospel presentation

Verse 9
Next God rolls away the reproach of Egypt from off you
God had put a fear of Israel on all the surrounding people and went to battle for them! (verse1)
When you got saved, no more penalty for sin for your soul, no more reproach!
God intends for you to not just survive but to thrive, in the world not of the world
Trouble pulls folks away from church not closer, because it’s not real
Take advantage of God’s Help!

Verse 10-12
Verse 10- Israel now in the promise land keeps the Passover. Just went through the motions?
If Christianity is not real, then you just go to church –
(order of service)
Hymns – special music

Verse 11- Israel did eat of the old corn of the land
We just live in the old world the next day, worldly food just fine

The Manna ceased (their daily bread) never learned to like it
Only took one day to be ok with worldly food
We have no reality of God’s presence in our life –
Apply reality to each part of church service
Hymns – special music
Church is a great place to train up a child – Many leave because it was not real
I was trained by my parents to work and pay my way, but no Christian or Bible Truths

Verse 13-15
Verse 13- Joshua lifted up his eyes and looked got real to Joshua!
If you want a real relationship, you look around, are you living a Christian life or living in the world and stopping to come to church? Examine your life.
How is your fellowship with God?
Prayer? Bible reading and study? Response to preaching and teaching? Ask Counsel

Joshua went unto him
You need to make a move toward Him, God can steer a moving vessel easier
Sometime the first move is just to admit there is a problem

Verse 14- He fell on his face
Must humble yourself if you want it to be real
If its real, humility is very easy, you know who you are.

Did worship
You will give him the glory if you want it to be real, be thankful
Biggest problem is that we worship everything else.
What gets between you and God? Examine your money and time, it tells a story

What saith my Lord?
You will desire every one of his words, if you want it to be real, desire the sincere milk of the word. Personal time in God’s Word. Desire to be discipled.

Verse 15- For the place thou standest is holy
God’s presence is real in your life:
Desire His word
Worship Him with thanksgiving
Humble yourself to submit to His commands
Make the moves in the right direction
Examine your life to see if your Christianity is Real