The Marriage in Cana Jn 2:1-11

The Marriage in Cana Jn 2: 1-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Recently, I heard a message on Jn 2:1-11, preached by Pastor R.B. Ouellete.  I received some ideas from that sermon, that I would like to pass along to you.  With respect to him, we won’t follow his outline or preach his points.  However, there are things that he gleaned from this text that are certainly worth repeating and we will repeat some of them in this message.

Servants, do what Jesus says – Jn 2:5 – if you want to be a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, you must obey his commands.  That means you must know what those commands are.  And not only must you be obedient, you must “do” what he says.  A lot of Christians can tell you what Jesus has commanded us to do, but servants are “doers” of the word and not hearers only [Jas 1:22]. 

Servants, don’t worry about what Jesus gives you to work with – Jn 2:6 – he used water pots of stone that were for the purifying of the Jews to perform the miracle of changing water into wine.  Those were not typical or even worthy vessels for such divine wine.  Nevertheless, the Lord used those vessels because they were available.  They held the quantity of wine he wanted to make; they held the substance from which he made the wine.  What the Lord gives you to work with can be modest or even seemingly unsuitable.  Not to worry, the Lord will make do with what ever is made available to him.

Servants, don’t hold anything back – Jn 2:7 – Pastor Ouellete observed that when the servants were instructed to fill the water pots with water, the servants “filled them up to the brim.”  They couldn’t do any more than that.  When you are given something to do for the Lord, don’t hold back.  Do all that you can do.

Servants, you often know things others don’t know – Jn 2:9 – Pastor Ouellete observed that when you are in service to the Lord, you are often privileged to see and know things behind the scenes.  These servants knew that the water pots had been filled with water and the they had drawn out wine.  It is good for servants to be careful with their testimonies and their tongues.

Conclusion: Jn 2:11 – When you serve the Lord the way he wants you to serve him, without worrying about the tools you have to work with, and without holding things back, the Lord can accomplish two things through the work he gets done through your service.  He will manifest forth his glory and increase your faith.  Both of these are fabulous results of service.  As a final note, we see, as Pastor Ouellete observed, “the devil gives his best first; Jesus saves his best for last.”